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Pre-emergent Weed Control
Pre-emergent Weed Control and Benjamin Franklin In 1736, Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Although his statement was related to preventing fires in Philadelphia, the principle is still relevant today to your lawn. Pre-emergent weed controls are used to prevent weeds like crabgrass from spreading like fire...
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native plantings
Native plantings are those species that grow naturally and unencumbered in a region, having set up camp in a particular state long before the settlers arrived. Over centuries, they have adapted to their local environment’s unique soil and climate conditions, and have developed natural defenses against pests and pestilence as a result. Many popular landscaping...
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commercial sustainable landscaping
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Commercial Sustainable Landscaping Decrease your property’s carbon footprint by conserving water and electricity, reducing waste, and taking steps to eliminate storm water runoff! Watch the savings roll in as mounting utility bills and routine upkeep become a thing of the past! Minimize the hours spent fretting about your flower gardens...
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Meticulous attention to detail is the most important arrow in a landscape architect’s quiver. From designing the landscape of a multi-million dollar office park to making a suburban homeowner’s dream yard come true, a qualified and conscientious professional will approach all jobs with the same level of care. Like anything worthwhile, hiring a landscape architect...
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