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The Top 5 Reasons Your Property Needs Mulch Edging


Are you weighing the options of mulch edging services for a property you manage? If so, consider the top five reasons to give edging the green light.

Number 5: Keeps the grass out – Grass and weeds have a nasty way of growing over and into your nice, prim mulched flower beds, and can alter your landscape’s natural design line if left untreated. Edging, with the lower portion buried at least six inches below the soil, serves as a barrier, blocking grass roots and preventing it from spreading.

Number 4: Keeps the mulch in – Edging also helps to keep your mulch where you want it, eliminating the need for raking up stray bits from your lawn and preventing its displacement during heavy rains and storms.

Number 3: Makes maintenance easier – Mowing is easier along an edged border than an open bed filled with mulch. Lawn equipment can inadvertently scatter the mulch, and possibly even damage plants. And because the flower bed is now separated from the rest of the lawn, treatment with fertilizers and other topical products is simpler, too.

Number 2: Redirects visitors – Edging sends an unspoken message to guests and visitors, “Please walk around.”

• Number 1: It’s pretty – Enough said!

Mulch edging is used to create a clean, crisp border between a mulched bed and your property’s lawn. It boosts curb appeal by establishing a distinct and aesthetically appealing line, which is one of the core tenets of landscape design.

GroundsCare Landscape can assist you with all of your mulching needs. Our mulch blowing truck can place up to 100 yards of mulch daily, an investment on our part that saves our customers money and time. Call us at 888-588-8451.

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