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Landscaping Maintenance in MD & NJ: Annuals vs. Perennials

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Whether you own or manage a commercial property in Maryland or New Jersey, you’re always looking for methods to maintain – if not enhance – your building’s curb appeal.

One of the easiest ways to do that? Consistent, high-quality, holistic landscaping maintenance.

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Commercial Landscape

When it comes to beautifying your building, you have no shortage of plants to choose from, including annuals and perennials.

But which ones are best for your commercial property in Maryland or New Jersey? More importantly, will you be able to maintain your plants so that they help boost your property’s value year-round?

Here’s a brief guide to annuals and perennials and the landscaping maintenance required for each.

Landscaping Maintenance and Annual Plants

Want to make an impression on tenants? Look no further than annuals, known for their showy blooms that often last for full seasons. Some good choices for your Maryland or New Jersey commercial property include impatiens, marigolds, and zinnias, to name a few.

The downside to attractive annuals? Maintenance-wise, they’re often needier than perennials in terms of water and fertilizer. Also, annuals die after completing their one-year life cycle – and that requires re-planting during the following season.

Ask your landscaping maintenance company to keep a close eye on your annuals to make sure tenants see healthy, blooming plants during every season.

Landscaping Maintenance and Perennial Plants

Many perennial plants are poised to help increase your property’s curb appeal – and often with less work required than annuals. The catch? You’ll wait longer to watch them bloom – and they won’t stay in bloom as long as most annuals.

A major benefit of perennials, however, is that they don’t have to replanted as often as annuals because their root systems continue to live underground for several years or more.

Your Maryland or New Jersey commercial property value could benefit from the addition of perennials such as chrysanthemums, peonies, and roses – all of which require their fair share of care. Check with your Maryland or New Jersey landscaping maintenance company to make sure your perennials are healthy and will survive year after year.

What About Biennials?

Less common than annuals and perennials, biennial plants require two years to complete their biological life cycle; flowering doesn’t even occur until year two.

Choose annuals and/or perennials for your commercial property, and save biennial flowers such as Black-Eyed Susans and hollyhocks for your home garden.

Landscaping Maintenance in MD and NJ

GroundsCare Landscape provides landscaping maintenance to commercial property managers, commercial property owners, and more in Maryland and New Jersey.

GroundsCare’s approach to landscaping maintenance is holistic, inclusive of irrigation; tree and shrub maintenance; turf maintenance; and full-site management.

For more information about Maryland and New Jersey landscape maintenance, call GroundsCare Landscape today at 888-588-8451.

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