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3 Smart Irrigation Tips for a Low Maintenance Landscape

low maintenance landscape

Water conservation continues to be a hot topic among commercial property owners and managers, particularly when the weather settles into a warming trend and the needs of one’s lawn and landscape begin to sprout. Fortunately for many properties, smart irrigation practices and the creation of a low maintenance landscape are not mutually exclusive concepts, and in fact can be readily achieved with the following three tips:

  • Install a drip system where appropriate: Though not intended for large expanses of lawn, drip irrigation can be a much more efficient and cost-effective way to irrigate flower beds and other specifically target spaces. In a drip system, water is delivered methodically, gradually, and directly to the roots of plants, trees, and shrubs, resulting in far less evaporation and loss due to wind and runoff.
  • Opt for irrigation controllers: Forego wasteful clock timers, which require manual intervention to set and schedule, and opt for weather-based or “smart” controllers for your irrigation system. “Smart” controllers operate using built-in sensors that monitor weather conditions and measure precipitation rates in real time, providing water to your landscape only when it is needed. Weather-based controllers have been shown to reduce water consumption by at least 70 percent.
  • Choose drought-resistant plants: You don’t need to live in an arid, desert climate to save money, time, and precious H2O with drought-resistant or drought-tolerant plants. These varieties feature deep root systems that hold in water, and bind soil together. They rely only on occasional pruning and weeding, and can significantly cut down on a commercial property’s water consumption, while helping your low maintenance landscape maintain a full and lush appearance throughout most of the year.

Of course, routine, professional care is the key to any “smart” irrigation plan. Spring startup services and critical fall winterization are essential steps to ensure your automatic sprinkler system works flawlessly for your property throughout the year. Only professional installers, like the crews at GroundsCare, can accurately check for leaks and unforeseen damages that could obliterate your low maintenance landscape plan. If you have not yet prepped your irrigation system for springtime, or are looking to upgrade, call us today at 888-588-8451

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