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Is Your Property’s Water Sprinkler System Prepared for Spring?

water sprinkler system

The recent winter’s harsh, frigid temperatures left us all feeling somewhat battered. But for a commercial property’s water sprinkler system, such elements can prove disastrous, leading to burst pipes and damaged valves.

With luck, as a property manager you’ve done your due diligence and had your irrigation system winterized last fall. Now, as spring swiftly approaches, your focus should turn toward preparing it for flawless operation during the warmer months.

To ensure that your irrigation system is tailored to your property’s specific watering needs, consider hiring a professional lawn irrigation company, such as GroundsCare Landscape, to inspect your water sprinkler system in mid-March.

Certified and professionally-affiliated irrigation specialists will be able to make any necessary readjustments well before the water is turned back on. An irrigation system inspection checklist should generally include the following steps:

  • Check for normal wear and tear to valves, nozzles, and pipes and replace if necessary.
  • Clean clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads to prevent an uneven distribution of water.
  • Check for leaks. Dripping valves can waste water and result in a costly utility bill.
  • Ensure water pressure is set within standard – and safe – operating limits.
  • Clean the water sprinkler system’s controller and replace the batteries. Check the controller’s current settings, programming it for the appropriate watering times based on neighborhood restrictions and local weather conditions.
  • Check soil conditions. Soil should be thawed to a depth of at least 12” to avoid potential damage to pipes when turning the water back on.

Additionally, when restoring water to your commercial property’s irrigation system, a specialist will be able to prevent a surge when opening up the main water valve, protecting your pipes from damage.

Diligent maintenance is required for proper water sprinkler system operation and successful results. GroundsCare Landscape offers water sprinkler system installation and maintenance. We serve commercial property owners throughout Maryland and New Jersey. Call us today at 888-588-8451!

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