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These 5 Seasonal Plants and Flowers Will Last Until Winter


Vibrant, seasonal plants and flowers, lush greenery, and ample ground cover have become a staple of successful commercial property landscape design. Professionally planted flower beds can establish an immediate sense of welcome with visitors and clientele, while providing a comforting, calming atmosphere for employees.

Herbaceous perennials are small, flowering plants which thrive throughout the spring and summer, but die back to the ground in the fall and winter months. Because their root systems survive, new growth returns the following spring.

Perennials are a growing favorite of landscape designers, thanks to their relative ease of maintenance, their ability to adapt to various soil and temperature conditions, and their versatility in terms of size and color. Many are also long-blooming, providing a perpetual burst of color from the advent of spring until winter rears its head once again.

The following five plants continuously pop up on Maryland lists of favored flora, and can contribute greatly to the aesthetic appeal of landscapes and gardens.

Coneflowers – Also known as Echinacea, this sturdy and colorful flower is uniquely attractive, with a hairy stem, daisy-like petals, and its trademark, prickly coned center. Its non-demanding nature makes it a popular choice among landscapers. The flower ranges in color from yellow to pink, though the purple coneflower is perhaps the most renowned.

Phlox – A hardy, long-blooming perennial, garden phlox fares best in full sun, reaching relatively tall heights. Like coneflowers, it does well among roses, and boasts flowers that are often blue, pink or white.

Wisteria – A perennial vine, wisteria is a vigorous and fragrant bloomer, which can grow in excess of 10 feet in one year. Cascading, colorful flowers can add a wealth of beauty to a property’s landscape. Unlike many seasonal plants and flowers, one potential drawback is that newly planted wisteria can take up to six years – and occasionally more – to flower.  But for the patient property owner, it can be worth the wait.

Periwinkle – Also called creeping vinca, periwinkle is most often used as ground cover. Blooming from April to May, and flourishing until the first frost of the year, the plant is distinguishable by its namesake blue hue, and is extremely effective when used for erosion control.

Japanese forest grass – Beautiful shocks of green accented by long yellow stripes, this ornamental grass is equally appealing as a potted conversation piece or when planted as drifts along a border. Its arching leaves adopt a chartreuse color in shade, or pale yellow in the direct sunlight.

When selecting seasonal plants and flowers for your landscape, options abound. GroundsCare Landscape can help to coordinate. Our team has years of experience providing seasonal plantings for commercial properties throughout New Jersey and Maryland. Call us at 888-588-8451.

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