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3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Contracting for Snow

snow and ice management

For property owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic, arranging for snow and ice management is as much a part of business as board meetings and balancing ledgers, particularly as cold winds have begun to rage outdoors. Given the imminence of wintry weather, many owners may feel the fire, so to speak, under their feet and be looking to hire a contractor before the flakes start to fall. But making a hasty decision can be hazardous to your tenants, their clientele, and your bottom line. After all, winter storms can stretch well into April, and the last thing one needs is mounting bills on top of mounting snow.

Here are three common pitfalls one should avoid when contracting for snow and ice management.


  • Failing to ensure your contractor has the proper equipment. Plows, blowers, and salt spreaders are all essential tools for battling an icy lot, and should be well-maintained and in prime working order. You will want to discern whether prospective hires have stockpiled sufficient salt and deicing agents to last the season, and if they operate a fleet sizeable enough to meet client demands while clearing your property in a timely and efficient manner. Remember: It is wise to check references for snow and ice removal prospects, in addition to seeking estimates from multiple companies prior to finalizing plans.
  • Failing to establish an ironclad contract. The agreement between a property owner or manager and a contractor should outlines, in detail, a distinct plan of action, including an estimated response time after the snow begins to fall, how they will charge (by the push, by the hour, by the inch, etc.), and any and all associated fees.
  • Failing to keep a meticulous record of snow and ice management Keeping track of how and when ice and snow was removed from your property can protect against potential litigation involving injuries and more. It also helps to establish a standard operating procedure that will be effective for years to come.

GroundsCare Landscape has decades of experience offering snow and ice removal services to clients throughout Maryland and New Jersey. Our team is affiliated with the nationally-recognized Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), and because we monitor severe weather activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the winter months, our crews are ready at a moment’s notice. Additionally, our straightforward billing process is based on your area’s certified snow amounts, making inaccurate measurements a thing of the past.

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