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4 Ways a Snow Removal Company Can Prevent Accidents This Winter

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With above average temperatures and an abundance of sunny days, many of us likely believed in early January that Mother Nature was asleep at the wheel this season. But after the recent blizzard, it would appear she’s made up for lost time.

The weather outside is frightful and even more snow could fall before February winds down. We recently told you about “5 Things Snow Removal Companies Should Always Do For You.”  Chief among them was making safety precautions a priority. But how can you know that the professionals you hire are doing their due diligence? Here are four simple ways a snow removal company can prevent accidents for you, your tenants, and their clients and employees this winter.

  • Be prepared. Any self-respecting snow removal company should have the professional knowhow, appropriate equipment, and proper materials to dig out your commercial property’s parking lot. The question is – will they be there when you need them? Staying ahead of the weather is imperative, and every minute counts. At GroundsCare Landscape, even the slightest hint of a storm is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Be on time. Weather is unpredictable, but your waiting time for assistance shouldn’t be. Reliability is crucial when time and safety are of the essence. Thanks to GPS tracking software, we know where each and every one of our crews are at all timesand can dispatch a team to your property at a moment’s notice – so that we can be at your property even before you have time to call us.
  • Be safe. It is the duty of every snow removal company to ensure their employees are operating in the safest manner possible to maintain a safe atmosphere for everyone. At GroundsCare Landscape, our specialists take part in a comprehensive training day of best safety practices, which is enforced by ongoing seminars throughout the year.
  • Be efficient. Accidents aren’t necessarily limited to the physical. Commercial property snow removal is a big job, and this can lead to discrepancies in billing for landscaping companies. Not us – GroundsCare Landscape places an emphasis on straightforward documentation, and your bill is based directly on how much snow falls in your area. In this way, we help keep your wallet safe, too.

Jack Frost doesn’t stand a chance against our snow and ice management teams. We have decades of experience caring for commercial properties in Maryland and New Jersey. Give us a call today at 888-588-8451.

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