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6 Things a Snow Management Professional Should Tell Their Clients This Winter

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In Maryland and New Jersey, navigating winter snow storms can be a chilly way of life. As a commercial property owner, hiring a top-notch snow management professional is essential in guaranteeing a safe, successful season for your tenants, their clients, and your own peace of mind.

Not all snow removal services are created equally, however, and there are questions that should be answered before contracts of any kind are signed.

Below are six things a snow management professional should disclose to clients before being hired.

  • Services offered: While shovels and some heavy lifting remain the old standbys, clearing snow from a corporate campus or an industrial parking lot can – and often does – involve a number of approaches, from administering liquid or dry deicing compounds, to full-scale plowing, pretreatment, and more. Find out to what extent your snow management professional will clear your lot, sidewalks, and entrances, and if they offer haul-away services.
  • Equipment and maintenance: It’s simple numbers. The bigger the fleet, the faster the response. Heavy snow and ice accumulation can be unforgiving. A proper snow removal service should have the blowers, plows, and salt spreaders required to tackle jobs of all sizes, and should be able to provide proof of routine maintenance for all equipment.
  • Supplies: Shortages happen, but any snow management professional you hire should be able to provide assurances that they have an adequate supply of salt and/or deicing compound to fulfill your contract.
  • Response time: When the snow begins to stick, how long will it be before a crew is at your property clearing a path? Commercial property owners should only sign with a contractor that offers 24/7 winter storm monitoring and GPS tracking, which allows for immediate dispatch in the event of a snow emergency and provides clients with easily accessible documentation of the dates and times their properties were cleared.
  • Plan B (and C, and even D):  Snow events arrive in all shapes and sizes, and mechanical malfunctions unfortunately occur from time to time. A quality snow management professional will be able to outline, in detail, the contingencies they can put into effect in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

This winter, rest assured that GroundsCare Landscape employees are continuously monitoring the progress of all projected snow storms. Our billing is straightforward and haggle-free, and our fleet is unparalleled and ready at a moment’s notice.

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