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Does Your Snow and Ice Manager Have a Salt Spreader?

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The record-breaking snowfall that shut down the East Coast in late January proved a rude awakening for many, including numerous commercial property owners faced with the unenviable task of liberating ice-covered parking lots for their tenants and their tenants’ clientele. Those who hired a reliable snow and ice manager in advance were far better equipped to weather the storm than others who may still be digging themselves free.

Not all snow and ice removal companies are created equal, however. Professionals who are worthy of your trust and currency should be current with the latest trends and technology of the industry, and will take measures to ensure the safety of the numerous clients who utilize your property every day.

When vetting prospective snow and ice managers before the next blizzard is forecast, one important factor to consider – and question – is whether or not they utilize salt spreaders.

In the most basic sense, a snow and ice management company that takes steps to outfit its fleet with salt and/or sand spreaders signifies commitment to a thorough job. That being said, the use of spreaders has gradually become more frequent in the snow removal business, in no small part due to client demand. The risk of liability assumed by a property manager is massive, and parking lots and sidewalks that are properly maintained can ward off the possibility of nasty lawsuits from patrons who might have otherwise taken a spill on slick and slippery pavement.

For added protection, your snow and ice manager should be able to offer pretreatment services, which can reduce the amount of time required to clear your commercial lot following a substantial storm. Pretreatment involves the application of de-icing materials before the snow starts falling, preventing ice from bonding with the pavement and helping to expedite subsequent plowing and snow removal.

Weather is unpredictable, but your snow and ice removal company should not be. At GroundsCare Landscape, our vehicles and salt spreaders are equipped with high-tech GPS systems which allow us to dispatch crews at a moment’s notice, when they’re needed, where they’re needed.

January’s storm hit the area hard, but we hit back harder. We serve clients in Maryland and New Jersey. For more information, contact us online or call GroundsCare Landscape today at 888-588-8451.

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