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Tips to Maximize Your Snow Removal Service Budget

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Few wish to remember, let alone discuss, the record-breaking snowfall that wreaked havoc on the East Coast in late January.

Don’t slay the messenger – but in a matter of days, winter will be here once again. And snow? In our neck of the woods, it’s all but inevitable.

Though early forecasts are projecting a somewhat milder season, commercial property managers cannot afford to gamble, particularly when the safety of their tenants – and their tenants’ customers – is on the line. An exceptional snow removal service is an absolute must, to ensure parking lots, paths, sidewalks, and entranceways are accessible to clientele.

If you are in the process of hiring a new commercial landscaper, or are simply reevaluating your contract, keep the following tips in mind to maximize your snow removal service budget.

  • To start, hire local. A local snow and ice management specialist will be knowledgeable of the terrain, the environment, and will have already worked the area extensively. Most importantly, they’re nearby when the snow starts to fall.
  • Before signing, find out how they charge. Many contractors bill seasonally, others charge by the “push” or event, others by the inch. Our suggestion? Find a snow removal service that uses your area’s certified snow amounts, that way you can be certain that you will never be overcharged due to improper measurement.
  • Create a prioritized management plan. Work closely and in advance with your contractor to identify high-traffic times and mandatory routes for your property, while being crystal clear about your needs in the event of an extreme weather event. Find out long before the weather changes if your snow removal service has all necessary materials needed to clear your property. Salt was in short supply last year, and similar shortages are expected for the 2016-2017 season. Get a guarantee that your contractor not only has an ample supply, but also utilizes alternative methods, such as deicing agents.
  • Safety is critical to avoid costly liability issues. Make absolutely certain that your contractor and all employees are properly insured.
  • To that end, hire a true professional that is, at the very least, current with industry standards, and maintains a fully-equipped fleet, outfitted with everything from plows to spreaders and beyond. Most quality snow removal services have adopted advanced GPS systems to keep constant tabs on road crews, allowing for almost instantaneous dispatch – and thereby reducing fuel costs. While such measures may be viewed as costly upfront, in the long run having someone who truly knows their way around a snow drift will prove invaluable.

GroundsCare Landscape knows snow. We offer 24/7 winter monitoring and each of our snow removal service specialists take part in extensive safety and best-practices training. Every year, we clear commercial office parks, corporate campuses, industrial parks, and much more.

Call us at 888-588-8451 before the snowflakes start to fall.

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