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Case Study: Transforming a Commercial Property with Landscaping – GroundsCare Landscape

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When it comes to creating a lasting first impression, the exterior of a commercial property plays a pivotal role. A well-designed and meticulously maintained landscape can set the tone for a business, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the property. GroundsCare Landscape, a leading New Jersey commercial landscaping company, recently undertook a remarkable project that beautifully illustrates the transformative power of landscaping. In this case study, we delve into how GroundsCare Landscape turned a mundane commercial property into a vibrant and inviting space.

The Challenge

The property in question was a commercial office complex, situated in a bustling business district. While the buildings themselves were modern and functional, the surrounding landscape was lackluster at best. The existing landscaping featured overgrown shrubs, patchy grass, and outdated hardscaping elements. It was evident that the property needed a complete makeover to align with the professionalism and excellence the businesses within the complex wished to convey.

The GroundsCare Landscape Approach

GroundsCare Landscape took a holistic approach to revitalize this commercial property. Their team of experienced landscape designers and horticulturists started with a comprehensive assessment of the site, considering factors like soil quality, drainage, and existing vegetation. They worked closely with the property owners to understand their vision and goals for the project.

Design and Planning

Once the initial assessment was complete, GroundsCare Landscape set out to create a design that would not only enhance the property’s aesthetics but also address practical concerns like water efficiency and maintenance. Their design incorporated the following elements:

  1. Native Plantings: To reduce water consumption and maintenance requirements, GroundsCare Landscape selected native plant species that were well-suited to the local climate. These plants not only required less water but also attracted local wildlife, adding a touch of natural beauty to the property.

Hardscape Upgrades: The dated concrete walkways and patio areas were replaced with attractive pavers and natural stone features. This not only improved the functionality of the space but also added an upscale, modern look.

Irrigation and Drainage: An efficient irrigation system was installed to ensure that the newly planted landscaping would receive the right amount of water without wastage. Proper drainage solutions were also implemented to prevent water pooling and erosion.

Implementation and Transformation

With the design finalized, GroundsCare Landscape got to work. They meticulously removed the existing, overgrown vegetation, and prepared the soil for the new plantings. The installation of the hardscape elements was carried out with precision, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Native plants were carefully placed to create a visually pleasing, low-maintenance landscape.

The Results

The transformation of the commercial property was nothing short of astounding. The once drab and uninspiring exterior was now a showcase of natural beauty and sophistication. Here are some of the notable results:

  1. Curb Appeal: The property’s curb appeal was significantly enhanced, making it more attractive to both current and potential tenants. The modern hardscape elements and lush greenery created a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Sustainability: The use of native plants and efficient irrigation not only reduced water consumption but also lowered maintenance costs. The property now boasted a sustainable and eco-friendly landscape.

Increased Property Value: The improvements made by GroundsCare Landscape resulted in a noticeable increase in property value. Tenants were more satisfied with their surroundings, leading to higher occupancy rates and potentially higher rents.

Positive Feedback: Businesses within the complex received positive feedback from employees and clients alike. The new landscaping made the property a more pleasant place to work and visit.


GroundsCare Landscape’s transformation of this commercial property is a testament to the power of landscaping in revitalizing a space. Their thoughtful approach, incorporating sustainable practices and a keen eye for design, yielded outstanding results. This case study serves as a reminder that the exterior of a commercial property is an integral part of its identity and can greatly impact its success. With the right vision and expertise, a commercial landscaping company like GroundsCare Landscape can turn any property into a vibrant and inviting space that leaves a lasting impression.


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