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The Resources of a Nationwide Commercial Landscaper with the Service of a Local Business

GroundsCare, a Lehigh Valley and New Jersey Commercial Landscaping company, offers a unique solution for commercial landscaping.  The company’s unique approach combines the resources and capabilities typically only seen in nationwide business with the service and focus on the customer local landscapers offer.  This hybrid approach to commercial landscaping now offers property owners  the best possible option for their landscaping needs.

Words from our President about our safety program.

GroundsCare Landscape Founder and President, Craig Lillis

As a commercial property manager, the safety of your team and customers is one of your biggest concerns. It’s one of ours, too! We use a variety of tools to ensure that our crews uphold strict safety standards.

Words from our Business Operation Manager

Meet Danielle Mattei

Danielle started as the first office administrator when GroundsCare was in its first years, holding each office role and responsibility until the team developed into the excellent, knowledgeable group we are today.  Currently Danielle handles the day to day business and accounting operations, rolling out new policies and procedures, and keeping us at the forefront of technology, both in landscaping and behind the scenes. 

Words from our Business Development Manager

Meet Nate Darling

Nate has spent his 20+ year career in business development and client relations. Before coming to GroundsCare, Nate worked in sales for two different Fortune 500 companies in the transportation industry. The move to GroundsCare allowed Nate to combine his love for the outdoors with his passion for working with people to achieve their organizations’ goals.

Design and Build

New Jersey and Lehigh Valley Landscape Architects
New Jersey Landscape Solutions

NJ Commercial Landscaping

No matter how large your commercial property, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. That’s why we believe that attention to detail is one of the most important qualities a commercial landscaping services provider can possess.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaper

Residential Landscaping

There’s only one thing standing in between you and your dream yard. Okay, actually there’s a lot of things. You’ve dreamed of a pool surrounded by lush gardens and seasonal plantings, and a grill sitting on detailed hardscaping.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaper

Sustainable Landscaping

If you’re considering exploring environmentally-friendly landscaping options for your New Jersey commercial property, it’s vital that you partner with a provider who not only understands the latest trends. and technologies.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaper

Water Features

Neither  your budget nor your schedule has to be sacrificed to install and maintain these types of property value-enhancing elements—provided you’ve hired the right team of landscape architects and property maintenance professionals.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaping

Seasonal Planting

Your landscape is like an all-natural business card for your commercial property. Incorporating your area’s plants for all seasons into your landscape design is a great way to infuse your property with  sophistication that visitors will love.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaping

Irrigation Services

Every plant needs two basic ingredients to survive: sunlight and water are of course essential for survival and long-term savings.  Mother Nature provides sunlight in abundance, but she sometimes needs a little extra help in the water department.

Lehigh Valley and New Jersey Commercial Landscape Solutions

Commercial Landscaping Services of a Nationwide Business

With plenty of resources, equipment and experience, GroundsCare, a Lehigh Valley and  New Jersey commercial landscaper is able to take on the largest commercial properties, offering a wide range of landscaping services.  This makes it easier for property owners, working with a company that is able to easily manage all of their commercial landscaping and snow removal needs.  Our team is able to offer these services and take on large properties, making us competitive with national commercial landscapers.

Landscape Management

Lehigh Valley and New Jersey Commercial Landscaper
New Jersey Landscape Solutions

Turf Management

A well-kept lawn is a critical aspects your commercial property’s visual presence. It’s also one of the most complex elements to get right.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaper


Sunlight & water is the key to success of plant life.  Mother Nature provides sunlight in abundance, but she sometimes needs a little extra help.

New Jersey Commercial Landscaper


One of our mulch blowing trucks alone can spread up to 100 yards of mulch per day, more thant most teams can do in that same timeframe. 

New Jersey Tree work

Tree Work

Trees can cause serious safety and  aesthetic issues. You must have a tree maintenance company that can stay on top of any arboreal problems.

Lehigh Valley and New Jersey Commercial Landscape Solutions

Differentiating Lehigh Valley and New Jersey Commercial Landscaping with Personal Attention

One complaint that many property owners have when hiring a large Lehigh Valley or New Jersey commercial landscaper is that they lose that personal touch, focusing on getting the job done instead of the customer. At GroundsCare, we maintain that focus on the details, keeping the customer’s satisfaction at the top of our list. The care and service that commercial property owners can expect from GroundsCare are similar to that of a small, local landscaper. In addition, we care about our customer’s satisfaction, which shows in the end product.

This balance of finding a commercial landscaper that can take on large projects while focusing on customer satisfaction is something genuinely unique in a business. Furthermore, at GroundsCare, we have seen the solution to do just that. Our company focuses on offering the same service as a national business while keeping the small landscaper feel that makes our customers know they are essential.

You won’t find another commercial landscaping company with this unique approach that GroundsCare offers.


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