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Why GroundsCare Commercial Landscape Service

The Perfect Hybrid of Commercial Landscape Service

In plant cultivation, a hybrid is a man-made creation born from a desire to combine the benefits of two plants into one.

At GroundsCare, we take a similar approach to improve the traditional model of commercial landscape service. We synthesize the large company experience of our staff with a highly-personal approach to customer service, to create a uniquely fulfilling relationship with our clients.

What differentiates GroundsCare from other commercial landscape service providers? View the table below, or click here to see the full list of what sets us apart.

Pillar of Landscaping Excellence GroundsCare The Little Guys The Big Boys
Expert Affiliations cross_icon
Commitment to Safety cross_icon cross_icon
Rapid Response Times cross_icon cross_icon
Priority on Communication cross_icon
Professional Look and Feel cross_icon
Enhanced Surveillance Through
GPS Tracking and Technology
cross_icon cross_icon
Reliable Severe Weather Monitoring cross_icon

We Handle Everything

GroundsCare’s team of experts is capable of providing a comprehensive commercial landscape service:

I didn’t know you did that!”

We can also handle the less glamorous (but equally important) elements of commercial landscape service:

“Are you big enough?”

Our staff has decades of experience providing commercial landscape service to clients of every kind. Our team members have worked for some of the largest landscaping companies in the nation, and we use that experience to benefit each and every GroundsCare client. We are affiliated with the following nationally-recognized landscape associations:

  • NJNLA (New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association)
  • IANJ (Irrigation Association of New Jersey)
  • ICPI (Interlocking Concrete/Pavement Institute)
  • PLANET (Professional Landcare Network)
  • BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)
  • LCA (Landscape Contractors Association)
  • ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects)
  • SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association)

At the same time, we care a lot about maintaining close relationships with our customers, which a nationwide commercial landscape service provider might sacrifice when “streamlining” their operations.

In addition to a staff with unparalleled expertise and customer service, we employ GPS-tracking and on-site surveillance cameras to hone our fleet management and response system to near perfection. When a winter storm dumps a foot of snow on your parking lot or an early frost decimates your plants, we’ll be there, ready to help, before you even realize you need us.

“You’re new to the area.” / “You aren’t headquartered here.”

GroundsCare’s headquarters are in New Jersey, though our service areas extend throughout the state, and to Maryland.

How do we ensure that each GroundsCare client is treated with the same level of high-quality customer service?

In the words of our founder, Craig Lillis, “The difference is in the details.”

Our in-house staff of designers, project managers, and safety managers ensures that, regardless of where you’re located, your property will always be in the hands of a GroundsCare team member, not a subcontractor.

And because we have such a great relationship with our local equipment providers in each area we service, we can make sure that your commercial landscaping services won’t be derailed by malfunctioning or broken down equipment.

Ask any one of our clients and you’ll hear the same thing: regardless of where your property is located in Maryland or New Jersey, we’ve got you covered.

Affordable Commercial Landscape Service

How many times have you worked with a service provider who quotes you one price, then, once you’ve agreed to work with them, proceeds to charge you extra for every additional service? Our unique pricing structure resolves this common conflict of commercial landscape service.

“You must charge a lot.”

As a commercial property owner, you don’t have the time (or the energy) to cull through invoices and argue about extra charges that don’t make sense. We save you time, money, and confusion by providing your cost information upfront.

To make the billing process even easier, our interactive client portal also enables you to access your invoices, project schedule, and maintenance requests whenever you want.

Are you ready to see how GroundsCare’s detail-oriented approach can benefit you? Fill out the form to the right to contact our team of commercial landscape service professionals or give us a call today at 888-588-8451.