Landscaping Safety Program

Unwavering Dedication to Landscaping Safety

Landscaping Safety Program

As a commercial property manager, the safety of your team and customers is one of your biggest concerns. It’s one of ours, too! We use a variety of tools to ensure that our crews uphold strict safety standards:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Spring and Fall Safety Training Events
  • Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings
  • Ongoing Safety Education

Landscaping Safety Supported by Cutting-Edge Technology

What does GPS tracking software have to do with landscaping safety? Quite a lot.

We use a mobile app to pinpoint precisely where each of our crews is at all times. GroundsCare team leaders use this interface to log in and out of each jobsite, creating a time-and-GPS-stamped entry for each and every job.

The billing-related benefits of this technology are obvious—you’ll never get an invoice for work that wasn’t performed—but how does this translate to better safety?

  • Slashes speeding risk: Never worry about a GroundsCare driver speeding through your property.
  • Rapid response times: In the event of a landscaping emergency (e.g. a fallen branch lying across your sidewalk), we know exactly where the nearest GroundsCare crew is, and we can dispatch them to your commercial property, in an instant.

Team Training Initiatives

Every spring and fall, we prepare for the upcoming busy seasons with highly-targeted training exercises to improve our landscaping safety practices.

  • Spring Training: We focus on safe lifting techniques, mower safety, and best practices for mulching and planting.
  • Fall Rodeo: We re-enforce snow plow safety techniques, and pinpoint the strengths of each individual team member in preparation for snow season.

Daily Landscaping Safety Meetings

Lots of commercial landscapers conduct periodic safety check-ins with their crews—we do one every day!

Our 10-minute Tailgate Safety Meetings give us the opportunity to review important protocols related to each job that particular crew will be doing that day. Additionally, our Head Safety Manager conducts crew audits, which consist of a thorough review of each crew and jobsite on a rotating basis to make sure that the proper safety procedures are being carried out and that all equipment meets code.

Ongoing Landscaping Safety Education

Each GroundsCare employee is required to complete ongoing landscaping safety modules via our online training program. In conjunction with this virtual training, we conduct in-person, hands-on seminars based on each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

We focus on landscaping safety practices so that can have peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands. Want to partner with a leader in landscaping safety? Fill out the form to the right to contact our team of commercial landscape professionals or give us a call today at 888-588-8451.