5 Reasons Professional Landscape Mulching is More Than a Spring Chore

NJ Commercial Landscaping spring clean up

No sooner than the sun starts shining, the annual spreading of the mulch commences for many commercial property owners. While this practice is strongly encouraged for the health and vitality of all commercial landscapes, it does belie a frequently overlooked fact: professional landscape mulching is more than just a springtime chore.

In fact, mulch is critical to your landscape’s health throughout the year. Here are five reasons to keep your local spreader on speed dial:

  • It keeps weeds from growing year-round: Using a high quality mulch in your commercial property’s flower beds – large bark chips, not shredded – can shield the soil from sunlight and prevent it from germinating weeds.
  • It regulates ground temperature: Mulch seals in heat and protects plants from frost during the winter, but provides a cooling effect and cuts down on frequent watering throughout the summer.
  • It helps to retain moisture: Mulch slows the effects of evaporation, and can prevent dehydration in your plants with a layer just 2-4 inches thick.
  • It is visually appealing: Professional landscape mulching creates aesthetically dynamic edges and borders for your landscape and provides a beautiful backdrop for colorful flower beds.
  • It stabilizes soil and helps to ward off erosion: Mulch is particularly effective on sloped ground, keeping the nutrients where they are needed –nourishing your plants.

Property owners should use organic mulch whenever possible, as chemicals can pose a threat to plant life. Additionally, when organic mulch ultimately breaks down and decomposes, it will serve as natural compost, improving your soil’s water retention.

Mulching requires little maintenance, and is easily applied with the help of a professional contractor. GroundsCare Landscape offers crews dedicated to professional landscape mulching and edging, which means your other landscaping services won’t have to be put on hold. And each of our industry-leading mulch blowing trucks can spread up to 100 yards of mulch per day – far more than even a team of landscapers could accomplish.  Spring has sprung. Give our team a call today to find out how GroundsCare has got you covered this season – and beyond.

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